Corrado VR6 – Technical

The information contained here has been assembled from the Corrado VR6 Owner’s Manual and various car magazines. Please note that this information is primarily concerned with the European spec (more specifically, the UK spec) Corrado VR6.


Displacement 2861cc
Layout 6-cylinders in a 15° V
(VR6 is “V-Reihenmotor” or “V in-line”).
Installation Transverse. Front-wheel drive. Electronic Limited Slip Differential (through ABS sensors) below 15mph
Valve gear 2 valves per cylinder, Single camshaft per bank.
Hydraulic maintenance free tappets.
Bore & Stroke 82.0 x 90.3mm
Compression ratio 10.1:1
Peak power 190bhp (140kW) at 5800 rpm
Peak torque 181lb ft (245Nm) at 4200 rpm
Specific output 66bhp/litre
Ignition / fuel Bosch Motronic fuel injection, fully mapped ignition, catalytic converter.
Battery V/A (Ah) 12/280 (60)
Alternator, amps 70



Type 5-speed manual
Ratios 1st 3.78, 2nd 2.12, 3rd 1.46, 4th 1.03, 5th 0.84
mph / 1000 rpm 1st 5.2, 2nd 9.3, 3rd 13.5, 4th 19.2, 5th 23.5
Final drive 3.39:1



Front MacPherson struts (Sachs dampers), lower wishbones, coil springs, anti-roll bar.
Track stabilising steering geometry.
Rear Trailing arms with track-correcting bearings, torsion beam axle, anti-roll bar.



Type Rack and pinion
Lock to lock 3.1 turns



Overview Diagonally split circuits. Brake servo and load-sensitive brake pressure regulator.
Front 280mm ventilated discs
Rear 226mm discs
ABS Standard


Dimensions and weights

Length 4050 mm
Width 1690 mm
Width across mirrors 1824 mm (approx)
Height (unladen) 1320 mm (approx)
Overhang 880 mm (front), 695mm (rear)
Ground clearance 129 mm
Wheelbase 2475 mm
Unladen weight 1210 kg
Kerb weight 1240 kg
Payload 370 kg
Axle load limit 930 kg (front) / 710 kg (rear)
Total permitted weight 1580 kg
Distribution f/r 64% / 36%
Turning circle 10.5 m
Fuel Tank Capacity 70.0 litres (14.5 Imperial Gallons)


Wheels & Tyres
Wheels 6.5Jx15, 5X100 stud pattern, ET43 offset.
Tyres 205/50 R15V


Load limits
Braked 12º incline 1200 kg
Unbraked 600 kg
Max. roof load 75 kg


Luggage capacity
Rear seats up 235 litres
Rear seats down 810 litres


Roof rack
Thule Bars 761
Foot pack 950
Kit 094
Locks 544 (optional)

You do NOT need Short Roof Adaptor 477.
Many websites say you do but you categorically do not – the Corrado has little recesses for the rear feet just above the rear side windows.
If you look on your car, you will see little arrows that show you where they are.

Others No information available


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