Hi there. I’m the Data Hamster and this is my personal website.
It is not associated with any company, trading name, or commercial activity.

This site is a general dumping ground for information that I consider to be useful and might want to refer back to.
If other people wind up here due to a search engine and find that one of my posts is useful to them too then so much the better.


Credit: XKCD

Also, we’re used to things staying up on the internet forever once they are posted, but things only persist for as long as people host them and that’s one of the things that this site seeks to do – preserve information for people to find maybe years down the line.

Due to my various interests, there will probably be a fairly eclectic mix of stuff to do with cars, programming, technology, music, humour, and whatever else takes my fancy. You can find them all under the Blog tab unless I feel they warrant their own tab.

Also on this domain are various other things like a weather app for my Weather Station, a mirror of Autoinsult, a link to my Flickr, and my emoticon cache. You can access some of them via the tabs at the top.


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